Curriculum Vitae



The exhibition BATIK OF CHANGE was taking place at the HANDWERKSFORM HANNOVER (exhibition area of the trade corporation hannover) from the 01.02.2002 to the 02.03.2003.

Brigitte Willach was the lead organizer. Her goal was the opening of the form of textile art Batik to a broad public.

Grandopening of BATIK OF CHANGE 01. February 2002 at the HANDWERKSFORUM, Berliner Allee 17, 30175 Hannover. The keynote speaker was the gallery owner and renowned collector of textiles, Mr. Rudolf G. Smend.

The fashion show BATIK IN MOTION was directly after the opening ceremony. This "Haute Couture - Show" was moderated by the fashion designer Erika Knoop (Königstr. 5, 30175 Hannover).
Presentation of fashion show by Alix Dudel / Text by Friedhelm Kändler

There were many guided tours and lectures under the headline BATIK IN WORDS during the whole exhibition.

With the finissage BATIK IN ATMOSPHERE ended the international Batikexhibition.

On this homepage at "Termine" you can find the concept of BATIK OF CHANGE.

The exhibition had three main topics. The participants will be (in alphabetical order):

Fine Art:
  Baarle van, Els Netherland
Blank, Joachim Germany
Boekhout van, Hetty Belgium
Bogaerts, Greet Belgium
Dijk van, Ria Netherland
Donart, Fritz Austria
Dyrenforth, Noel Great Britain
Ehling, Katalin USA
"Ernabella" (Aborigines) Autralia
Fliam, Nia & Agus Ismoyo Indonesien
Hodson, Pat Great Britain
Izawa, Masado Japan
Kaun, Linda Indonesien
Ketelaere de, Karla Spanien
Kobayashi, Shoukoh Japan
Miranda, Marta Chile
Pranata, Ardiyanto Indonesien
Ridder de, Helene Belgium
Rutherford, Diane USA
Salomon, Marilyn USA
Schreen, Christine Germany
Soemihardjo Indonesien
Tindal, Kissa Dänemark
Trabitsch, Andrea Austria
Trefois, Rita Belgium
"Artists from Utopia" (Aborigines) Autralia
Wenger, Peter France
Willach, Brigitte Germany
Yahya, Amri Indonesia

Textile and Art design:
Apip’s Kerajinan Batik, Afif Syakur Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Carmanita Jakarta, Indonesia
Danar Hadi Solo, Indonesia
Fliam, Nia & Agus Ismoyo Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Knoop, Erika Hannover, Germany
Komarudin, S.I.P. Bandung, Indonesia
Pranata, Ardiyanto Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Kerajinan Batik Winotosastro Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Traditional Indonesian Batik:
Collection Don Harper (Prada) Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Collection Rudolf G. Smend Köln, Germany
Collection Staatliches Völkerkundemuseum Dresden, Germany
Collection Brigitte Willach Hannover, Germany